Guildford Residents Association
Guildford Residents Association

The Local Plan Process and Timetable

The first part of the new Local Plan, Strategy and Sites, was adopted by the Council in April 2019.


The remaining components of the plan, notably the Development Management Policies, are in preparation by GBC and will be the subject of consultation. GBC has now published an updated schedule for the nest stages of plan preparation (known as the Local Development Scheme -LDS) which can be seen on the Council’s website at . The Examination in Public is currently expected in March 2022.


GBC is developing Supplementary Planning Documents on specific topics.


An SPD on Guildford Town Centre Views was issued in 2019.  Two SPDs have been the subject of consultation in 2020, one on the Strategic Development Framework and the other on Climate Change, Sustainable Design, Construction and Energy. GRA’s responses can be seen under Hot Topics.

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