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GRA Comments on Weyside Urban Village planning application, 20/P/02155

20 P 02155 Weyside Urban Village GRA Res[...]
Our response to this planning application was submitted on 12th February 2021.
20 P 02155 Weyside Urban Village GRA Res[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [882.1 KB]

1-5 The Quadrant, Bridge Street and the Casino Nightclub

The Quadrant - Casino Inquiry
The appeal against refusal of planning permission for the proposed development of this site (19/P/01974) opened on 2nd February 2021. Amanda Mullarkey had asked to speak on behalf of GRA, and the Inspector invited her to do so on the first morning. Her statement is attached. We are pleased to say that the appeal was withdrawn on 4th February.
The Quadrant - Casino Application Public[...]
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GRA response to consultation on 'Planning for the Future', October 2020

This is the GRA response to the government's White Paper.
GRA response to consultation on 'Plannin[...]
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GRA response to the Government (MHCLG) consultation on ‘Changes to the current planning system

Guildford Residents Associations response to consultation on ‘Changes to the current planning system’ Sept 2020
In August the government published its proposals for changes to the way housing need is assessed. The consultation document is available via the MHCLG website and the closing date was 1st October. Our response is attached and we are grateful for input from Neil McDonald in shedding light on the implications of the proposals.
Guildford Residents Associations respons[...]
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GRA response to Consultation on Draft Development Management Policies

The second stage of the Local Plan includes the adoption of Development Management Polices (DMPs) which will apply to development carried out in the borough, replacing those that have been in place since 2003.  GBC published the draft DMPS for consultation and GRA submitted the attached response, with the help of input from members.


The consultation draft of the DMPs can be seen  here:


Guildford Residents' Assocations respon[...]
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A3 Guildford scheme not in government’s plans.

On March 11, the Department for Transport published its Road Investment Strategy 2 (RIS2) which covers the period 2020-2025. The scheme to improve J10 M25/A3 (with widening of the A3 from Ockham roundabout to Painshill junction) is included in the list of schemes for implementation.  The strategy also includes a list of schemes that will be prepared for implementation in RIS3. There is one A3 scheme included in the pipeline which is described as A£/A247 Ripley South. But there is no mention of a scheme to improve the A3 in Guildford from the A31 to the A320, which has been studied by Highways England, and has been seen by GBC as a key infrastructure element in the new Local Plan. GBC and SCC will no doubt be considering the consequences for the Local Plan as soon as possible.  

Draft Climate Change, Sustainable Design, Construction and Energy SPD Guildford Residents Association (GRA) Response

GRA response to draft SPD Climate Change[...]
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GRA Consultation Response to the Strategic Development Framework SPD

GRA Comments Strategic Development Frame[...]
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The 2017 North Street Development Consultations

GRA response to GBC North Street Development Consultations
Attached is the GRA questionnaire response on the North Street development. GRA is participating in a series of 6 workshops alongside the town centre RAs.
GRA Comment Form - North Street Developm[...]
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The Solum Application to redevelop the Railway Station

Guildford Society and Guildford Residents Associations Joint Press Release
The Guildford Society and Guildford Residents Associations have joined forces to oppose proposals for a massive, out of character development at Guildford station. The attached statement was released to the press on January 4 2016.
GSoc GRA Station Development Press Relea[...]
Microsoft Word document [1.0 MB]

Solum Station Development to go ahead

Guildford Borough Council Planning Committee voted unanimously against the Solum development, but the developers appealed against the decision.  In spite of the very large numbers of objections across Guildford and by GRA members, the appeal was won and the development will now go ahead.

See the  GRA response to the Weyside Urban Village planning application and the now withdrawn Quadrant - Casino Application.

See the GRA response to Consultation on Draft Development Management Policies

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