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The Local Plan Process

A Local Plan is, with the abolition of regional planning by this government, the key document describing how our Borough will develop for about 20 years into the future. It covers all aspects of communal life in the Borough, including the provision of infrastructure (schools, water etc), the provision of an adequate road network, measures to boost the economy, steps to address social inequality and the provision of housing and much more.


The key elements of the planning system are now:

  • The government sets out the rules as to how planning should take place (these rules are called the NPPF)
  • The Local Plan
  • Planning Applications & Building Control
  • Enforcement.

Timetable of the current Local Plan for Guildford Borough

GBC have set out its intended timetable as follows:

  • Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report (consultation completed in January 2013)
  • Issues & Options Consultation (October/November 2013)
  • Consultation on Draft Plan (May/June 2014)
  • Consultation on the pre-submission copy of Plan to be sent to the Planning Inspectorate (October/November 2014)
  • Submission of the Plan to the Planning Inspectorate (January 2015).


Thereafter the Planning Inspectorate will review the Plan and test it for soundness before it comes into force.


For more information see GBC's Local Development Scheme and GBC's dedicated Local Plan website.

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