Guildford Residents Associations
Guildford Residents Associations


EGRA is an umbrella organisation now covering 12 RAs in the East Guildford area. Since its founding in 2003 EGRA has grown both in the number of member organisations and in the range of issues in which it is involved.


EGRA was established with the purpose of sharing resources to help its membership households better communicate their concerns and ideas to our elected councillors and vice versa. In particular it has enabled all the member associations to share their views and to work together to produce, in most cases, a powerful and convincing case on any issue on which it needs to take a view and on which it may be consulted. This is most important so as to ensure that issues that may have a serious impact on one association are shared with other associations.


In 2012 EGRA decided that, in order for the voice of residents from across the Borough to be adequated captured in the Local Plan, an organisation representing RAs from a wider geograhical area needed to to be founded. Hence RAs from across the Borough were invited to join the GRA.

See the  GRA response to the Weyside Urban Village planning application and the now withdrawn Quadrant - Casino Application.

See the GRA response to Consultation on Draft Development Management Policies

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